Coaches, consultants, leaders, pioneers, and mavericks:

Is what you do, frankly, a little weird?

There’s lots of help out there if you want to do a straight-forward, by-the-book kind of business.

But not so much guidance if you want to bring forward concepts and ideas that are new, radical, challenging, or out of the ordinary.

If you want to help people with something that they may not even realize they need help with.

The Key is Being Able to Communicate

To make a living offering something unexpected, you need to communicate better than your average bear.

You need to be clear and precise when you express your fresh, original ideas.

You need to articulate the bigger reason, the bigger why, behind what you offer, while still being practical and concrete.

You need to take responsibility for translating the special thing you do into something your audience can hear as something they want and need.

You need new skills that no one has taught you yet.

New Communication Tools for Innovators, Pioneers & Mavericks

Whether you are:

  • A successful, established business owner stepping into a new level of expression of your best work
  • An author, speaker, coach, or trainer with an emerging message you haven’t fully developed or claimed
  • A spiritual teacher or healing artist who is tired of being a well-kept secret
  • A visionary leader or executive with a big vision for your organization

I can help you help the world to see, hear, and fully appreciate the depth and power of the concepts and ideas you are here to share.
Having the impact and income you want requires more of you than speaking from the heart, it demands you develop clarity and intimacy with your core message and life wisdom, so you can write, speak, and develop new offers, with ease and power whenever the occasion demands.

Life’s Too Short to Show Up As Less Brilliant Than You Are

Isabel ParlettMy work helps address these common challenges:

  • You have so many big ideas and possible directions that you’ve lost track of the clear, powerful thread that runs through everything you do, and it’s slowing you down
  • You have a new book or program you want to develop and you can’t see it clearly enough to get started or keep going
  • You’ve evolved in your work and it’s time to define the message at the heart of your new direction so you can re-brand, re-do your web site, or take your next big leap
  • You know what you do but your market doesn’t seem to get why what you offer is so cool, or so different (and nor do your coaches or support team)
  • You’re frustrated when the people you hire to help you don’t seem to really understand what you want to offer
  • You’re tired of being asked “what do you do?” and not having a good answer

I can show you WHY you’ve struggled to share your message, and the first steps you can take to more joyfully and easily communicate the original concepts and ideas you’re here to offer. I would love to share with you some of what I know about finding the words  to tell the world about what you do.

With the right words, and a clearer picture of what you bring to the table, you can now:

  • cut through the online clutter and truly connect with your audience
  • make better decisions about which projects to work on and which to drop
  • understand for yourself, at a new level, what makes you so darn special
  • find more energy to step out and be visible
  • sell more easily with less effort

Yes, Isabel! I’d like you to share your thoughts and
let me know about exciting announcements and offers!

Laura WestI have found our work to be richly powerful and it’s amazing how it is surfacing in my work.  I am getting so much positive feedback from my readers about how I am touching their hearts and the spirits while seemingly reading their minds.  I attribute much of my ability to break through the online clutter and connect to the work we did together.  You had me discovering, unleashing, unbounding and practicing my true spirit in my writing…and it’s showing up with ease and well, it’s fun too!
—Laura West, Business Goddess and founder of the Center for Joyful Business