The Five Marketing Techniques You Love to Hate Video 4 – What Happens When You Judge

There’s an interesting energetic dynamic that happens when you criticize other people’s marketing that actually affects how you step out into the marketplace.

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I can’t wait to hear what you think about this dynamic.

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The Five Marketing Techniques You Love to Hate Video 3 – Marketing Fantasies

One of the thing that may keep you from being effective in your marketing is a fantasy about how business will come to you.

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I can’t wait to hear what you think about these marketing fantasies.

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Why You May Be Uncomfortable with Marketing

So, why are so many good-hearted business owners so uncomfortable about marketing? Why do your hackles go up when you get that email, or click through to that sales letter?

I know that a lot of people turn to me because they love what I share about putting your message at the center of your marketing. They love what I share about using the excitement and energy around your message to propel yourself out into the world.

Having a passionate message to share is a huge asset, but the truth is, it won’t do you any good if you don’t get out and share it. And if, in sharing your message, you don’t sometimes ask people to buy from you.

That said, there are good reasons why good people feel kind of hinky about marketing and sales.

  1. We know that money is seductive and that good people can get seduced by the thrill of the sale.
    It takes strength and courage to say no to something that will bring you lots of money, even if you know doing it goes against what you believe in. It takes courage to leave money on the table. If you know that humans fall prey to temptation you may find it hard to trust people even when you have no evidence that they are dishonest.
  2. You feel anxious and uncomfortable about your own buying actions..
    You’re not only a business owner, you’re also a consumer. You may have felt emotional pain when you wanted a product or program you couldn’t afford. You may have resented feeling that desire and not being able to fulfill it. You may have been in sales situations that were high-pressure (time-share, anyone?), or you may have bought something in a high-pressure situation and later regretted your decision. And therefore . . .
  3. You don’t ever want to make anyone else feel uncomfortable.
    You don’t want anyone else to feel the pain or shame or regret you felt. So you err so far on the side of caution that there is no energy and momentum to your marketing and sales efforts. The fact is there is some inherent discomfort in the selling process, and to be successful, you’ll need to come to terms with that.
  4. You feel vulnerable offering your heart and passion to the world.
    You may be great at promoting other people’s products. But your own? It can feel so vulnerable to put the work you love and are passionate about on the line. It can feel devastating when someone says no, or no one buys. Sometimes it’s easier to avoid those situations all together.

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The Five Marketing Techniques You Love to Hate Video 2 – Why Marketing Makes Us Uncomfortable

Before we can talk about how to market well, I think it’s key to look at why marketing can get your hackles up.

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I can’t wait to hear what you think about why we really feel uncomfortable with marketing.

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The Five Marketing Techniques You Love to Hate Video 1 – Intro

I see so many good people struggling to market because they’ve decided that *certain* marketing techniques just won’t work for them.

If you’re willing to be challenged, and to think a little differently about how you bring your message to the world, I invite you to view all 15 (!) of these videos.

In this first video (just over 3 minutes), I talk about why so many people are in a bind when it comes to their marketing.

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I can’t wait to hear what you think about marketing, and about marketing with heart.

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Are You Guilty of Get-It-Over-With Marketing?

There’s a common phenomenon I’ve seen with spiritually-oriented business owners (and experienced myself): rushing to get your marketing done and wishing all the while wishing that you didn’t really have to market at all.

This is what I call Get It Over With Marketing.
And it doesn’t work so well.

You know you are guilty of get-it-over-with marketing when:

  • you feel resentful you have to market
  • you take your marketing actions with a sense of heaviness and effort
  • you can’t wait until you’ve gotten through your list of marketing to-dos
  • you’re more focused on checking the action off your to do list than savoring each action you’re taking
  • you feel you are scrambling to take each action and that you have no room to be creative or playful or adjust as you go along

At one time last year, I am ashamed to say I caught myself in that get-it-over-with mindset. I had had an intense month of business trips and deep, personal breakthroughs and what I really wanted was to catch my breath and allow all these new experiences to sink in.

But, I had scheduled a product launch, that kept getting nudged back, and I felt I HAD to get it done before I went on vacation.

And, I felt that urgency (so common for business owners) to bring in more money.

So, I pushed past my low energy, and went through the motions of getting my offer out. I promoted a free call, did the free call, and sent my sequence of follow-up messages.

And my results matched the effort and energy. A few orders trickled in. But it became clear pretty quickly that no flood was coming.

It was a painful, but a good, lesson.

Ultimately, what I took away was this. If you’re going to market, find a way to bring your whole heart and soul to the process. Find the joy and excitement of sharing what you have to offer. Give generously, and find a way to savor each moment of the process.

So, if you are caught in get-it-over-with marketing, here are three steps to reengage with more heart and purpose:

1. Reconnect to Your Message

To me, nothing inspires me more than remembering what I am here to share. To remember that my True Spirit is to:

give folks on the fringe
all the words they need
to reconnect to that palpable feeling of “dang, I’m good”
so they have all the juice they need
to shout out their message and rock the world.

I have my True Spirit posted on my wall. And when I read it and say it out loud, something wakes up inside of me. When I remember this is the essence of what I am here to share, then I can start to ask questions like “how do I make sure my marketing is aligned with this Spirit?”

2. Get Your Mojo Back

Getting back into a rich, passionate groove with your marketing is more than a mental game. It’s hard to deliver a passionate message when your body, heart, or spirit are drained.

The first step to get your mojo back is to tell the truth about what you are feeling. To wail, cry, rant, scream. To let go of the stiff upper lip and the brave face and the good trooper. To welcome all the raw and messy parts instead of sending them to the back corner.

In my case, I could have acknowledged how bone-tired I was. I could have taken more naps, and let myself off the hook for producing something big just then. I could have given my body and spirit what it was asking for, which didn’t look anything like a big push.

3. Redesign and regroup your Game Plan

The second step of course it to honor the truth you find.

In hindsight, I wish I’d done something much simpler with my product launch. That I’d either postponed, or done something much more honest. Maybe sent an email or two saying: “I have this great product, but I really don’t have the energy to do a big launch right now. I’m taking advance orders this week if you want a great deal.”

Your choices include not marketing right now (unless that’s what you’ve been doing and you want some new energy in your business.) Or tweaking the plan for marketing until it feels alive again. To through out the free call formula and speak from the heart. To open up the lines when you have hundreds of people on a call and have a conversation. To speak something that feels taboo. Or to invite people to pay what they want for a day.

Keep playing with it until you no longer want to get it over with; you can’t wait to get started.

What do you think? Add your comment below.

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What Really Matters in Developing Your Message [Video]

Although I’ve changed my company name and my personal look since this video was shot last year, the thoughts I share about message development still ring true.

Where you do start with developing a message?
What’s the difference between message development and branding?
What’s challenging about sharing a transformative message?
And how do you make sure that message stays alive with everything you do?

I’d love to hear your comments below.

P.S. If you are thinking I look a little tired here compared to my other videos and pictures, I am. This video was taken a few months before I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. Apparently, at the time this was filmed I was essentially never entering deep sleep . . .