Are You Getting to the Good Stuff?

Sometimes when we write and speak, we take a while to get to the good stuff, the real heart, the meat of what we have to offer.

And part of that comes from underestimating or undervaluing what we know. I love digging in and finding out what part of person shines most brightly. In this clip, just a little over a minute long, I’ll share a bit about that with you. Enjoy and leave me a comment to let me know what you think!

Are you hiding what makes your work pop and fizz?

One of the things that’s been coming into focus for me lately is what a difference it can make when we stop being careful and strategic about how we present ourselves to the world, stop trying so hard to do it RIGHT, and we start letting go with a clearer, more pure expression of what we know and what we believe in.

I’ve been working on practicing this myself, and I recently recorded some video talking about why I think this more wild and vivid expression is so important. I’ll be sharing more of these video clips over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

In this week’s video, just four sweet minutes, I share a little about the forces that held me back in my expression, and my sense of what happens when we start to let that go. Enjoy and leave me a comment to let me know what you think!

Profiting from your Process: Connecting with Desire

In this video, I share another inspirational insight on how smart and complicated business owners can make money in fresh, new ways by discovering and delivering the wisdom that life has developed in them.

In it I share a story and an exercise that helps you move past the shadow or phantom desires so the clearer, truer vision of what you want to create comes forward.

It’s about 7 minutes, mostly story.

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What Are You Calling in This Year?

On December 16th, I led a group of nearly 80 people through my out-of-the-box annual planning process.

What’s cool is that instead of just asking you for your goals, I have people “call in” what they want to experience in the coming year by creating a multi-sensory, right-brain vision of the coming year.

This vision starts to define the qualities you are yearning for. And out of those qualities come the themes for your year.

One of our participants, Jude Spacks said: “Speaking as a lifelong plan-phobe, it was a treat and a half. My fave: unpacking the meaning of burlap as the texture of the year.”

So, to put a cap on our work together, I want to invite everyone who joined us to use this space to share your words, your qualities, or your themes for the year.


My main theme for the year is: Creating Supportive Systems to Deepen Value and Lighten My Heart

My sub-themes are:

♥ Become a Devotee of Fun and Pleasure
♥ Carve Space for my Life
♥ Find My Voice in the Right Community
♥ Practice Financial Integrity as a Form of Self-Love
♥ Shower my Peeps with Love and Affection

Won’t it be fun to look back next year and see what’s transpired?

What’s coming down the pike for you?

((If you want help tracking your progress throughout the year, join our Monetize Your Message Action Circle)

What I Learned This Year #3

This is an excerpt from some of the writing I did on retreat this summer in response to the question “what did I learn by writing my story?”

I learned that we give up reaching for the work we want in small degrees.

By quietly closing doors to paths we had imagined wandering down.

By choosing protection of our tender hearts over risking disappointment.

By pursuing other projects that carry less risk.

By interpreting a lack of response as a challenge to the very premise of what we offer.

By taking the normal pushback and friction of life in the world as a resounding “NO!” to our desires.

By muddying the clear channel of our divine guidance with the advice, recommendations, and game plans created by others.

By stopping talking and writing about what we most love and cutting off any hope of sparking a response and interest in our audience.

You do not earn the right to do your real work in the world.

You do your work, and in doing so it becomes your real work.

Reaching for your real work isn’t for sissies. It takes volumes of strength and soul courage. Plus it takes showing up, day after day, to put your message out into the world and make offers.

What I Learned This Year #2

What I learned this year is that nothing is sweeter than coming home to yourself.

My sweetest moment this year was reawakening this summer to my love of helping people name the True Spirit of their Work. Of finding the words to help them own and express the profound insights that are capable of coming through them.

What I loved in that moment was recognizing that this is what I have to do. This is the part of me that can no longer be pushed aside in favor of what I think is more marketable.

In a funny way, there’s a tremendous comfort in being done with trying to figure out the right path and knowing that come hell or high water, this is the path that I am on.

What was also sweet was living through the deep fear that it wouldn’t work. That I would reach out to claim my real work and be denied, only to see I was met with joy and enthusiasm and cries of “welcome home!”

What was also sweet was feeling day in and day out in my body and my bones that I was doing my right work with every client who came to me for the True Spirit, and for the work that follows that.

What I also learned this year is that we are never more compelling, never more recognized, never more appreciated than when we own and offer what we can bring to the world that no one else can.

The journey back to yourself, to bring your original voice out into the world takes time. One of my coaches said to me that people are happy when they know what they want, when they see they are moving in the right direction and at a pace they are comfortable with.

What I Learned This Year #1

What I learned this year is that the big, deep, challenging changes that we desire happen over time, bit by bit, like a big ship turning.

I learned it’s easy to lose faith in the process, or to discount my progress. To judge myself that I still, still, still struggle to make time in my life for play, or that I let the days slip by without stepping into the spotlight. That I still am trying to lose weight and have better money habits.

Healing the parts of myself that are sad, broken, or wounded takes not only time but lots of love.

This time last year I wrote about wanting to move my body more and listen to what she wants and needs. I wrote about sinking into spending regular time on my money habits like tracking my income and expenses.

This year, I’m in the middle of learning a new way to eat, hoping to bring my body back into balance, trying to drop some weight. And I’m writing about embracing financial integrity and stability even more deeply, as a form of self-love.

When I re-read my words from last year, and saw how eerily similar they are to my desires for this year, it took me aback.

Am I just straining each year to reach the same goals? Am I treading water? Striving towards some impossible standard I’ll never reach?

Can I find peace with both my wanting and the struggles I experience in reaching for what I want?

My friend Patricia use a phrase “your charnel ground” – meaning in this case the area of your life of greatest struggle, of greatest wounding. Hers has been around body and weight. Mine seems to be insecurity, fear, and judgment of myself around money.

(A concept from Buddhist practice, the charnel ground is literally the place where corpses were brought to be cremated or, more often, left to rot and be consumed by wild animals. The value of the charnel ground, from a spiritual perspective, is that it strips you of illusion. “In a charnel ground, you could practice . . . like your life depended on it. . . It wasn’t a place that supported pretense or facade or hollow philosophizing.” From Prison as Charnel Ground.)

From my conversations with Patricia, what I understand is that at some point we accept that yes, this is my charnel ground, this isn’t something I’ll solve with a simple three-step process, or a six-week program. This is an issue so deeply wound into my DNA that it is a struggle that may be with me for a lifetime.

And in accepting that, to neither resign myself to defeat nor hold out hope for a quick and easy fix. And instead, to learn to embrace the deep, often slow, inner work, and to celebrate the triumph of every small and unsteady step towards more wholeness and more love and compassion for myself.

To be able to say to myself “this is the thing I do. I agonize about not making enough money no matter how much money I make.” Or for someone else to say “I suffer daily about the size and shape of my body.” or “I live in fear that everything I have will be taken away from me.”

When I let go of trying to solve or eliminate my struggles, a wonderful space opens up where I can move, where I can breathe, where I actually have a greater capacity to consider a new way of operating, one that I might actually be able to sustain.

My struggle becomes that familiar visitor who, while not always welcome, is well-known.

I soften with compassion for myself for the pain I feel. I ease into the healing practices of my inner work. I allow myself to live and breathe through the discomfort.

And maybe, just some days, I feel grateful for the invitation to transform this pain into more life for myself.

There is something I find very beautiful about the process of naming your desires and then being held throughout the year to track how fully you are honoring those desires.

Before You Reach For More Money

This is part two of a six-part series called “Before You Do Anything”.

This 7 minute video reviews the four high-level questions you want to ask before you set a new financial goal for the year. These questions help you find the mojo to stretch into new territory with money, and make your financial goals more clear, emotional, and real.

(It seems to take the first 15 seconds or so for the picture and sound to sync up. Don’t worry, it’ll get there!.)

Let me know how these questions are helpful to you in the comments below!

And let me know if you’d like support clarifying what’s at the heart of what you have to offer. Just book your True Spirit session with me, and enjoy the clarity we can create in just one session.

Before You Plan Your Year

This is part one of a six-part series called “Before You Do Anything”.

This 9 minute video reviews the four high-level questions you want to ask before you plan your year. What I’ve seen is that if you aren’t clear on the big picture of what you want, you often get bogged down in the details or run out of steam!

Let me know how these questions are helpful to you in the comments below!

And if you’d like support defining what you most want to feel and experience, and what you most want your audience to feel and experience, let me make it easy for you. Book your True Spirit session today.