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Bright, Creative Business Owners:
Craft an Elevator Speech with Soul to Get the Attention You Deserve

Isabel Parlett

Your Elevator Speech Matters: How Can People Hire You if They Don’t Understand What You Do?

Whether you’re an established business owner, or brand new in business, few things are more critical to your success than being able to clearly and easily communicate what you offer in a way your audience can actually understand. (An elevator pitch, by itself, may not get people to open up their wallets and throw money at you. But the bottom line is: if people don’t understand what you do, nothing good is going to happen for you or your business.)

Whether you’re avoiding social events because you’re afraid someone will ask “what do you do?”, you stumble and stammer when it’s your turn to introduce yourself, or you’re just frustrated because the words you’re using to say what you do don’t do justice to the depth and power of the work you offer, I can show you simple, powerful, and fast ways to find better words you’ll look forward to saying and that your people will understand.

Let Me Help You Communicate Your Meaningful Message

My name is Isabel Parlett, and people call me “the Message Whisperer.”

I’ve spent the last nine years specializing in helping bright, creative, soulful business owners like you (coaches, consultants, healers, and spiritual teachers) to find clear, simple language to more easily communicate the transformation that they offer — no matter how esoteric, controversial, or unusual their work is — so they can attract the just-right clients they need to thrive.

And I’m here to offer you a free training series that gives you information you can use immediately to craft a more soulful elevator speech.

What You’ll Learn

Over the next 10 days, you’ll learn:

  • Why You Don’t Need More Formulas, You Need Help Filling in the Blanks
  • The Key Ingredient Without Which You Sound Like Everyone Else
  • Simple Ways to Break Through Resistance to Claiming Your Audience
  • How to Balance Being Clear with Being Soulful

And much more.

When you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to our first video lesson (and transcript) that will show you:

  • Why writing a good elevator speech is so darn hard but so darn important
  • The three biggest reasons you might be struggleing to say what you do
  • The exact percentages of client-focus vs. you-focus that makes your elevator speech work
  • Two techniques to elevate your elevator speech from boring to something special
  • Practical, real-life examples of plain and enhanced elevator speeches

Every three days, you’ll receive an email directing you to the next video in the training, with tips and insights you can use immediately.

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And, you’ll have an opportunity to take this information further with excerpts of my rave-reviewed home-study program: How to Say What You Do, When What You Do is Deep, Powerful, and Hard to Describe.

So, don’t hesitate. Your best elevator speech is waiting for you.

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