Is Your Message On Target or Missing the Mark?

Every time you write and speak about your work, you are sharing your message. When your message is on target, it’s magic. You feel connected to your audience, they buy from you, and you feel the satisfaction of fulfilling your soul’s calling by being out in the world doing your work.

When your message is off, you know in your heart that you aren’t hitting the mark. The right people don’t seem to care, or you’re less than thrilled with the work you do bring in and you sense that there is so much more you could be doing and saying in the time you have.

Here then are four clues you can use to diagnose if you are on target with your words:

1. You feel vulnerable sharing because the message feels so personal.

If your message feels safe and easy to share, it can be a clue that you aren’t going deep enough. The very best messages come from your essence, and are intimately woven with your most passionate beliefs about life, love, and the Divine. Is it the most comfortable thing in the world? No. But to be truly intimate with your audience, you need to be willing to show the parts of you that are vulnerable.

2. Each time you write or speak, you feel reconnected to your own excitement about what you have to offer.

One of the secrets to having a deep, powerful, and profound message is to use your words to connect to yourself first. The clearer you are about what you offer and why it matters, the easier it is to communicate that to someone else. So, the best messages are the ones that remind you of the biggest possible picture of what you are here to do.

3. No matter what the specific product or service you are offering, it always feels like the same core message.

Of course there will be variations in the specific message depending on the audience and the product or service you are offering, but you know you are on the right track, if you see that all of your messages ties back to one overarching theme. It takes away from your ability to deliver your message with full confidence if you are constantly trying to guess which message to share. Your core message defines the key themes and ideas from your life that end up feeling like home territory for you.

4. You love being asked “what do you do?” because it gives you a chance to talk about the concepts and ideas that matter most to you.

As much as I revel if helping people play with language, and find just the right word, the truth is that our effectiveness embodying our message is not about saying things perfectly all the time, it’s about being out there sharing your message with gusto and enthusiasm even if it doesn’t come out perfectly all the time. You know you have a good message when there’s less a feeling of effort or struggle to say the right things than there is an excitement to get to be in the spotlight for a few minutes sharing ideas that matter to you.

Not there yet? The single biggest tip I can give you is to keep asking yourself one question: What is the bigger, deeper meaning behind the product or services I offer? And then muster the courage to start talking about that.

So, how on target are YOU feeling with your message? What’s one thing you can do to step it up?

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