The Five Marketing Techniques You Love to Hate Video 1 – Intro

I see so many good people struggling to market because they’ve decided that *certain* marketing techniques just won’t work for them.

If you’re willing to be challenged, and to think a little differently about how you bring your message to the world, I invite you to view all 15 (!) of these videos.

In this first video (just over 3 minutes), I talk about why so many people are in a bind when it comes to their marketing.

To see the entire series of videos, click the “5 Marketing Techniques” category on the right of this page, or go there using this link:

I can’t wait to hear what you think about marketing, and about marketing with heart.

Please share your comments below.

3 thoughts on “The Five Marketing Techniques You Love to Hate Video 1 – Intro

  1. Isabel, love it, love it, love it! You are an amazing marketer because I feel like you are speaking just to me, and model so beautifully how I am learning to speak for myself and my business [I’ve just graduated from pre-school;-)]. It’s great to experience your warmth in both written and spoken form — a lot can be learned from just watching you embody your message and skillset. Plus I got a good laugh from your little inserted disclaimers!

    Look forward to the next videos and reading the rest of the download.


    • Dear Sharon.

      I am so glad this hit the spot!

      I hope we can encourage the amazing marketer in you to come out more.


  2. Isabel. You are gorgeous. Just watching you makes me want to have you sort all my marketing out for me! Can’t help but trust a woman with so much heart!