Why You May Be Uncomfortable with Marketing

So, why are so many good-hearted business owners so uncomfortable about marketing? Why do your hackles go up when you get that email, or click through to that sales letter?

I know that a lot of people turn to me because they love what I share about putting your message at the center of your marketing. They love what I share about using the excitement and energy around your message to propel yourself out into the world.

Having a passionate message to share is a huge asset, but the truth is, it won’t do you any good if you don’t get out and share it. And if, in sharing your message, you don’t sometimes ask people to buy from you.

That said, there are good reasons why good people feel kind of hinky about marketing and sales.

  1. We know that money is seductive and that good people can get seduced by the thrill of the sale.
    It takes strength and courage to say no to something that will bring you lots of money, even if you know doing it goes against what you believe in. It takes courage to leave money on the table. If you know that humans fall prey to temptation you may find it hard to trust people even when you have no evidence that they are dishonest.
  2. You feel anxious and uncomfortable about your own buying actions..
    You’re not only a business owner, you’re also a consumer. You may have felt emotional pain when you wanted a product or program you couldn’t afford. You may have resented feeling that desire and not being able to fulfill it. You may have been in sales situations that were high-pressure (time-share, anyone?), or you may have bought something in a high-pressure situation and later regretted your decision. And therefore . . .
  3. You don’t ever want to make anyone else feel uncomfortable.
    You don’t want anyone else to feel the pain or shame or regret you felt. So you err so far on the side of caution that there is no energy and momentum to your marketing and sales efforts. The fact is there is some inherent discomfort in the selling process, and to be successful, you’ll need to come to terms with that.
  4. You feel vulnerable offering your heart and passion to the world.
    You may be great at promoting other people’s products. But your own? It can feel so vulnerable to put the work you love and are passionate about on the line. It can feel devastating when someone says no, or no one buys. Sometimes it’s easier to avoid those situations all together.

© 2010. Isabel Parlett

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